asks children to discover the people around them by exploring their surroundings from nearby neighbourhoods to a wider political landscape. helps children create, publish and share their own publications and distributes all this rich produced content every day! wants to give children a voice! Not just a select group, but each and every child in society! That is why we develop tools for children in school and outside of school! Do you believe you know a child that would like to participate? Let us know!
We want to know what is on our children’s minds! Therefore we create tools that allow children to express. By having children publish their talents, words and inspiring people, we get a grasp of those topics most important to the future generation. Do you think children’s topics should make it into political debate and into professional media? We do!
Childpress helps children find out what words inspire them and what talents they have. We do this by connecting them with inspiring adults. Not just in an interview, but by building long-lasting dialogue and interpersonal connections. Have you been covered already? Will you stay in contact? We hope you do!